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"Dr. Baha is the most caring and gentle dentist I've known. I always fell secure in his "golden" hands. A master and an artist of his chosen profession- dentistry. His friendly nature and qualified staff create an atmosphere of relaxation. I highly recommend this office." -  Dr. Inna Goldberg

"Most will agree going to the dentist is not something anyone looks forward to doing. Now imagine the worst case scenario: needing emergency dental work, and you are new to an area with no referrals! That is exactly what happened to me. However, my angels were working overtime and fortunately guided me to a skilled, gentle, and personable dentist, Dr. Baha.  His staff, especially Rose, and Noel, is professional, sweet, and kind as they gently maneuver you around Dr. Baha’s state of the art high tech office. My family and I are regular patients now, and admit this is one of the best dental experiences we have ever had.
- Vera Niestemski

I couldn't wait to see the dentist!!!
Winne Cook 4 yrs& 10 months old

"I was nervous to change dentists but felt at ease immediately by the friendly staff. Dr. Baha did a great job of explaining what he was going to be working on and how he intended to do it. By the time my procedure was over, I realized that I had worried for nothing! I appreciated his explanations, patience and expertise. I am completely satisfied with my care and overall experience and actually look forward to my next visit!
- Elisabeth Dollick

"Dr Baha and the staff at Millennium Dental are all you could ever want from your dentist. They are kind, attentive, and very good at their work. My wife and I both went there for years when we lived in San Diego (in fact, she still goes there when she's back in town), and many of my former coworkers are satisfied patients as well. No matter what procedures were done, the prices were always reasonable; their office is nice (you'll wonder why everyone doesn't have flatscreen TVs attached to their dentist's chairs) and parking is easy. I couldn't recommend them more."
-  Josh L

“So I generally hate going to the dentist.  In fact I break into a sweat and shake in the chair.  But Dr Baha has actually made me almost look forward to my visits.  For several procedures he has used new techniques that resulted in no needles and no pain after the fact.  Way different than my previous experiences.  Plus his staff is so nice I will really hate to have to look for a new dental family when my husband relocates for his new job.  I may have to make special trips back.  Thanks for all of the TLC.  You have changed my mind about going to the dentist.” -  Carrie L.  

"It was the most enjoyable and relaxing dental experience I've had. Watching The Travel channel on the T.V. in the chair I just wanted to stay a little longer."  - Jeanne Howell

"I feel fine, I feel great, in fact I am confused... I thought I was going to a dentist but it felt like I was at a beauty parlor!" - Florence Giordano

 "I have always dreaded visits to the dentist. Dr. Baha is quick, virtually painless, and very skilled. I highly recommend him, and his staff is absolutely wonderful.” - Cathleen McCollum, RN

“During the week between Christmas & New Years I started getting this horrible tooth pain...that got worse every day...but my dentist was closed all week :( My friend  told me that Dr.Baha's office was open and that I should call to see if they fit me in...well the day before New Year's Eve they were able to fit me and sort me out with my tooth pain. They were super nice & even though it was painful they were able to ease my pain as much as possible. It did result in a root canal but at the end of the day I was just happy to be able to get such great service! I would totally recommend them and they are my new dentist office.” -  Aimee L.

"Noel and Rose at the front desk are super nice and chatty. I've never been offered coffee and snacks at a dentist office before, but it was totally necessary on my first visit! I had a LONG day at work.

I made the appointment due to some tooth pain, I suspected a cracked filling in my molar. It turned out that my tooth is pretty bad and it needed some reinforcement, couldn't just fill it in again. Dr. Baha presented me with options, which I appreciated. Rose walked me through the payment options and we worked out a fair deal. She handled all of my insurance questions quickly so I was all set for my follow up appointment.
The whole process took at least two hours. I was pretty bummed about that. Since I had been up since 3am for work, I asserted myself that they needed to just do what they were gonna do and I needed to LEAVE! Dr. Baha set me up with a temp cap and Rose gave me a Starbucks gift card on my way out for my troubles. So nice!
My follow up appointment was smoother and quicker. I enjoyed watching the flat screen TV too :)" - Abby S.

Dr. Baha and his staff are really cool and REAL people. I like doing business with them!

"It is not easy when looking for a professional in a new city. I tried two other dentists before I found Dr. Baha's practice. I was very impressed with Dr. Baha's skill level and his excellent work.” -  Mr. Richard Herro

"Dr. Baha is an ARTIST. He gave me my smile back when I thought there was no hope. He is the BEST." -  Cheryl Hansen-Tighe

“With many thanks to you for your kindness.” - Michael & Darlene Honeycutt

  "All our family is treated in the Millennium Dental for a years, children feel as a holiday when they go to treat teeth here ))))!

If You need dental help,- Dr Baha  and staff will always help and will do it in atmosphere of high professionalism and kindness!!! They always have time for You even when they are very busy...THANK YOU MILLENNIUM DENTAL ! "- I.P.

"This is a note of thanks to you and all your staff. Your professionalism, your great sense of humor, your extreme kindness on the fee, and the confidence you instilled in me as your patient, are all appreciated so much. I will recommend you as the most excellent dentist I have ever had! Thank you!”' - Joanne Keller

“Hands down to the best dentist I have ever been to!! Dr. Baha makes dental visits easy and pain free. The office is clean, people courteous, the techniques are modern. Dr. Baha gives you the feeling that he is 100% focused on you, instead or running around from patient to patient. I would recommend his practice to anyone” Noel Maestre

“"Favorite helpers! You folks are so great! Thank you for all that you have done “The Whole Family” & Nubie & I! We both love coming in and chatting, getting cleaned and being served by great staff! Thank you again! Blessings!" ” -  The Porters

“Very good and trustful dentist. I found him when I worked for a company  that didn't give me dental insurance. Really reasonable prices for no insurance patients. I now have health insurance and still go to him. He has a computerized X-ray machine and is very efficient. Really accommodating and cares about his patients.” -  Andrew N.

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